The OWL 10 Goals - This year we are starting the “OWL 10 Goals” for every North Park family. These goals include FOUR 10s. 

1:  At least 10 minutes of reading each night, 5 nights a week (try for 20 minutes).
2:  10 hours of volunteer time at the school for the year. This includes coming to have lunch with your student.
3:  10 hours of physical activity/play for every student each week. This includes being involved in extracurricular activities.
4:  10 or LESS absences for the school year.


There are multiple reasons for having the Owl 10 goals. One, we want students reading outside of school. Not only to gain all the benefits from reading, but to enjoy it. Two, we want parents to be involved, whether that is in the lunchroom or helping spread the word about things going on at school. Third, there are many benefits to kids being active. School can be long at times, go play. Try to limit that screen time and get more play time in. Last, it’s hard for a student to really grow if they are missing too much school.  By keeping up with attendance, we can help meet the students’ needs in the classroom. Remember, these are GOALS and not requirements. Do not feel like this is something that has to be completed to have a successful school-year. This is just a fun way to get more involved with school. Have fun with it. 


At the start of each new month, each student will turn in their Owl 10 papers from the previous month and get a new one for the new month. These sheets will be saved at the school for drawings, recognitions, and other incentives. If your student misses a month of the Owl 10, they still can participate in the following months. Students who complete all 9 months will receive an incentive and a certificate at the end of the school year. You also can still get prizes for meeting some of the OWL 10 goals but not all (example, at the end of the year your student had 10 or less absences, but you weren’t able to get 10 hours of volunteering in.. there would still be prizes and incentives for meeting the attendance goal).